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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Good Ship Lollipop (a.k.a. The Supreme Court)

Good Ship Lollipop is a fitting metaphor for a Supreme Court that will be that much closer to weighing anchor for Candyland (for statists) if Sonia Sotomayer is confirmed by the US Senate. Captain Obama will only need one more oarsman and then he can sound the All aboooaaard! for liberals and their interests. The Court is already listing hard to port. The weight of Sotomayer's activism might sink the whole Country.

Once Lollipop shoves off, the US Constitution will be made to walk the plank, effectively leaving the Court blindfolded on a rudderless ship. Alito, Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas will be reduced to four dissenting voices whose opinions will be stowed down in the bilge directly below the poop deck. Intially, America, like the seemed-to-be invincible Titanic, will seem fine, but her fate will have already been sealed.

Be not deceived! Obama wants Sotomayer on the Court for one primary reason; to import her ridiculous views and rulings on immigration so he can fling US borders wide open and ensure amnesty for illegals who, as a voting bloc, favor liberalism. As a card-carrying member of Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida, someone like Sotomayer is his best bet. This is part of O's strategy to circumvent any legislative impediment, federal or state, to amnesty. If he can stack the numbers, he will ensure his reelection, regardless of how many Americans join Tea Partys.

Note: For another chilling reason why we need to be concerned about US immigration policies, see YouTube video on the Nation of Atzlan.

Why does the Supreme Court bother accepting cases at all? In reality, a judicial ruling by fiat doesn't require a legal case, does it? I propose that the Supremes cut to the chase, choose 6-12 social inequities they feel need fixing in America, and render opinions on them? Why wait for cases? We need 'Hope and change' now!

Forget the Constitution; I'd settle for a little common sense! How did we manage to put a bunch of community activists with absolutely no common sense, on the highest court in the land?! What a joke!

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